September 15, 2008

Magic Pastels

Here is the card I demonstrated at my Open House. I really liked showing this one, because it shows how messy you can color and it's still looks pretty!! I also loved how it really showed how handy the Stamp-a-ma-jig is! Everyone at my open house that was "new" to stamping thought I just made up the name Stamp-a-ma-jig. It really is something I would have said if I didn't know the name of a product, but I assured them that that was really the name. Lol! I had so much fun at my Open house and wanted to thank everyone for coming!

Magic Pastels
I learned this technique from a DVD I purchased through Stampin' Up! (demonstrators only). The gal that showed it is Karen Motz. I hope it's okay that I put this on my blog...I assume it is since it's a Workshop WOW. If it's not, please let me know and I will remove it.

Line Stamp Set (I used Bloomin' Beautiful)
Light colored Ink (I used Creamy Caramel)
Dark Colored Ink (I used Chocolate Chip)
Stampin' Pastels

1) Ink the main image in your light colored ink and stamp off a couple times onto scrap paper. Then stamp onto your neutral cardstock.

2) Grab your pastels and start "scribbling"/adding color. It will look "ugly" at first.

3) After you are done coloring, ink up your main image again, but this time using a darker color (such as Basic Black or Chocolate Chip).

4) Grab your Stamp-a-ma-jig and line up your image sheet with the corner of the black handle (not sure if that's really what it's called, but I guess it works) and stamp your main image.

5) Grab the main image that you colored and line up the image on the image sheet with your colored image and place the black handle up against the image sheet. Be careful not to move your stamped image or it won't line up right.

TIP: If my paper is smaller than the image sheet I stick a little tape to the back to hold it in place (on my grid paper/stamping area).

6) Once you have everything lined up remove the image sheet and ink up your main image in your dark ink. Line up your stamp with the corner of your black handle and stamp down onto your colored image.

7) the darker ink on top of your colored image just pulls all that "scribbled" color together to make a beautiful image!

I hope you enjoyed my first "tutorial"....sorry there aren't any picture and there probably won't be for a while....I think I might be the only one that doesn't have a digital camera yet! I'm so behind on this and it's sort of frustrating! Especially when I'm scanning and creating all the time! Hopefully, I'll have more tutorials for you sooner than later. If there is somehing you would like me to do a tutorial on please let me know.

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Lorraine said...

great card. I love matter how messy to color it it still looks good! lol. It really is such a pretty image, and you did a fantastic job with it. I really need to ink mine up and play with it. great job! tfs