September 3, 2008


This isn't really Stampin' Up!, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share.

I was on the computer when i heard my two girls run up to my husband and say, "Daddy, here this is for you!" and hands him something. He brings it in and this is what it was :

My oldest is always making things (drawing pictures, making cards with me....anything she can get her hands on she turns into something-- did that make sense?). I did not help her at all with this, in fact, I've never even used punches for something other than they were "meant" for. You know to punch out stamps or to "frame" a sentiment or something. Never to make bats, fences, people, animals, cartoons...or anything like that. I think all those things look awesome, but just have never sat down and made she didn't even get this idea from seeing me. Okay....I'm just a little excited! Can you tell? LOL. I love her creativity! Okay enough I'll let you go...better go monitor now! ;)

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