April 23, 2008

Stamp Club

I had my stamp club this weekend (I have it every third Saturday). I had a lot of fun (like always)!! I just love my "group". Everybody did a wonderful job at their Challenge!! I should have kept them and posted them (if they wanted me to), but oh well....maybe next time.

That reminds me I need to think of something for this months challenge. Maybe I'll do another card sample (like we did last month) I got the most "response" out of that challenge. Hmm...I'll think of something...maybe I'll post a Poll on my side bar. Okay...thinking out loud. LOL!

I have one project done (well sorta....just waiting for my paper to show up so I can finish it) for next month, but I don't know what I'm going to really do for my technique. Hmm.... For those that are reading this, What techniques do you/your friends/customers seem to like the most? Thanks in advance!

Hopefully, I will have something to post (card wise) soon! I haven't done any stamping TODAY and I'm going through withdrawls already!

Take care and have a wonderful week (if I don't post sooner)!

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