July 3, 2007

It's about time!

My husband and I went camping a couple weeks ago and our girls stayed with his Mother! She's been getting after us for months to go get their pictures taken (she has current pictures of all her other Grandchildren and she wants current ones of the girls)! We are horrible, we took pictures of Katryce (the oldest) when she was three months old and that was it! Well, besides the candids from Birthdays and stuff like that.

So while we were camping she took the girls and got their pictures taken at JcPenny's! What a wonderful Mother! If she hadn't done it for us they still wouldn't be done! This is just one of the pictures that they printed off, but so far I think it's my favorite!


chelemom said...

Your children are beautiful! What a nice MIL!

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Just beautiful!